1. Combinatorial Optimization & Path Algorithms

  2. HPC Parallel Computing & Big Data

  3. Spatial Optimization: Linear and Integer Programming, Heuristics

  4. Multi-Objective Optimization

  5. Location Modeling & Analysis

  6. GIS and Geographical Analysis

  7. Python, Matlab, Java, Swift, C, C++

  8. ArcGIS, QGIS

  9. Gurobi Optimizer, Google OR-Tools, FICO Xpress Optimization, LINDO LINGO

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F. Antonio Medrano-

Research Summary

My research focuses on location decisions, such as path algorithms for generating useful sets of alternatives for a decision maker in a corridor location problem. Topics include:

  1. Faster exact algorithms and heuristics to solve for the set of Pareto-optimal solutions in a multi-objective shortest path problem

  2. New techniques in determining spatially diverse set of near-optimal route alternatives in a single-objective shortest path problem

  3. Parallelization of network path algorithms for use on high-performance computing resources

  4. Point location problems such as the Maximum Coverage Location Problem (MCLP), Location Set Covering Problem (LSCP); and location-allocation problems such as the P-Median and P-Center problems.

Geospatial Engineer

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  10. GeoShare – a K-12 Geography Education Resource Wiki that I developed, Wikispaces is now closed but a descriptive YouTube video remains